After many years working as a barista in his own espressobar and being a guitarist Edwin Dietz decided in 2019 to start his own guitar shop in the city center of beautiful Leiden. Named Guitars and Beans. 

He didn't just want to start a regular guitar shop he also wanted to create a place you can visit for a cup of coffee, meet (new) friends and make music together. Now after 4 years it is a well known place where all kinds of people come in for a new or used instrument, accessories, maintenance, advice and a good chat.

A little while after he started his new business, Edwin decided to create his own line of custom guitars called 'Cortado'. He wanted to make affordable custom guitars, guitars he loves to play himself with classic look and classic feel. The first Cortado was a fact.

A ST model with swamp ash body, custom pup's and quality hardware. After that a TE model and a TE '72 followed soon.


First Cortado TE model

First Cortado ST model


After introducing these first guitars, customers where asking if it was possible to make a instrument to their wishes. 

So next to the guitars he makes for the shop, he also do custom order guitars. Every guitar he makes is one of a kind. And every guitar is made in his own workshop.

With a large network of suppliers and helpful luthiers almost everything is possible.

Now 'Cortado' is a brand on its own. With different colors, finishing, pup's and hardware.

Check the 'available guitars' if you want to see what's in store. If you want to have some more information about  a guitar to your specific wishes visit the store or send a email to:


See you soon!